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2023 (Almost) everything you might want to know about death, dying and bereavement

We are planning a series of fortnightly Sunday afternoon seminars/hui in Whakatāne beginning after Easter 2023. These will be available to participants by Zoom as well as face-to-face. Topics we will cover are:

  • Advance Care Planning and Power of Attorney

  • Death, dying and communities: a history

  • Care for people who are dying: supporting whānau, hospice, etc.

  • Bereavement – coping with grief and loss

  • Choice at the end of life: euthanasia

  • The roles of the coroner and mortician

  • New options for after death care: puhirere, kōpaki, shrouds, natural burial, Cold Plates/Atamira Matao; Infant death and manaaki mats

  • New options for after death care: changing rituals, and the influence of tangihanga on Pākehā funerals

If you want up to date information on the programme email us:

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